Growing a business requires access to key sales data, optimized relationships with customers and suppliers, having the right staff, having adequate inventory on hand, and data-driven goals and decisions. Outgrowing software tools – whether they are for managing the organization’s finances or are the backbone of a customer relationship management platform – often leads to a number of challenges. After all, upgrading one software tool means ensuring that your company’s needs are met and finding a solution that integrates well with all of the other tools you have in place.

Often, outgrowing business software leaves expanding companies struggling with tough decisions. Choosing a more unified software platform may require expanding the hardware and software throughout the organization. This leads to the expense of building a server room, readjusting networking applications, and ensuring that everyone is up to speed on the new system. It’s expensive – and it’s a cost that needs to be budgeted for over the long term.

However, there are tools that allow you to meet the needs your business has without the need for an infrastructure overhaul. Turning to a solution based on software on-demand, or software as a service – a cloud-based solution – enables your company to address a range of needs by accessing data in the same way that your largest competitors do.

Software as a service, or on-demand, can help whether you are looking for one or many of the following:

  • Better monitor financials
  • Improve on your existing CRM successes and improve marketing, sales, and relationships
  • Monitor the supply chain to make improvements and reduce costs
  • Manage HR decisions to support the company’s goals, objectives, and bottom line
  • Enhance project management
  • Track the impact of decisions
  • Establish cost-effective supplier relationships

You can be in the driver’s seat and can access the services that you need – and know that expanding that list as your business continues to grow is simply a matter of asking for access to additional tools. As a result, you can be sure that you’re accessing all of the data you need and only paying for the solutions that you are using.

With software on-demand, you can support the growth of your business both now and overtime, without impacting the infrastructure of your business.

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