keyboardGrowing businesses have unique needs. Moving into another location? You need to be sure that your business software easily connects all outlets so that directors and executives can keep a finger on the pulse of the company. Looking to grow your customer base? Be sure that you’re monitoring the impact of marketing messages. Need to be able to buy additional parts to manufacture a new product? You’ll want to be sure to take advantage of SRM tools that let you see the big picture.

However, if your business is expanding, you may not want to commit to expensive software that will help you in the future – especially if you don’t have a need for the full range of available options. SAP Business ByDesign is one product that won’t require you to compromise what you may need in the future to meet your current company budget.

That’s because SAP Business ByDesign has been built with a software as a service model. As a result, business decision makers are able to access all of the components as they need them. Here are some examples:

  • Looking for a software solution that will grow with your company but want to manage your costs? The low monthly subscription costs of SAP Business ByDesign allow you to choose business management applications that fit your budget. As your budget grows, simply add more components.
  • Looking for a customizable software tool that will allow you to innovate but still create custom reports? Choose the components that you need to monitor specific areas of your business and create those reports with ease.
  • Looking for a secure data infrastructure but aren’t in a position to install one on site? Software as a service with SAP Business ByDesign will be hosted in a secure data server with all of your locations connected in – allowing you to focus on business rather than IT.

For growing organizations, knowing that you can readily access the tools you need is critical. Being able to rest assured that additional components can be added with ease – and knowing that IT expertise is available without hiring specialized staff – gives you the peace of mind needed to focus on managing financials, building relationships, and reporting on the progress you make.

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