cashflowWhen you need to have more cash on hand for your business, looking at your customer relationships is a great way to find opportunities. However, if you’ve outgrown your current CRM tools, don’t focus on finding a simple replacement. Instead, take advantage of Software as a Service (SaaS) tools. Specifically, look to the CRM component of SAP Business ByDesign.

How can you use SAP Business ByDesign to evaluate customer relationships?

  • Evaluate marketing campaigns: Identify which messages you’re sending truly resonate with your audience and stop putting advertising dollars into campaigns that don’t work. Look at ad placements – online and in print – to evaluate which are bringing the most new leads and repeat business so that you can focus your spending on outlets where your customers and best prospects are the most likely to see them.
  • Track customers through the sales cycle: Do you know how many customers are coming back and making additional purchases? Do you know who’s spreading the word and encouraging family members, friends, and colleagues to check out the products and services that you offer? Have you tracked – and responded to – feedback provided by your customers? SAP Business ByDesign lets you manage all of these customer relationship tasks so that you can deliver the best possible service and keep your customers satisfied.
  • Determine sales cycles so that your business can respond: Do your customers buy in a cyclical way? If so, you may be able to slow production at some times of the year – or you may be in a position to try new marketing messages and win a whole new customer base.

If you’re not making the most of your customer relationships, you won’t be able to increase cash flow to your business. By monitoring and managing relationships effectively, you’ll be posed not only to increase the amount of cash on hand at your business, but also to explore additional avenues for growth and increasing profits. And, when you get to that point, SAP Business ByDesign can be expanded to help you continue taking your business to new levels.

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