Graphic Packaging International, Inc. (GPI) has been working with Equal-plus for many years, forming a partnership built on trust and expertise. The following is based on an interview with Gary Mote, IT Manager for Graphic Packaging International, Inc. based in Marietta, Georgia:

What does Equal-Plus bring to the relationship?

  • Knowledge, competence and experience
    • includes consultants with a very high level of experience
  • Consistency in delivery
  • Built relationship and trust by getting to know our company, our needs and working as part of our team
  • Good value; complementary to the SAP relationship
  • Able to fill skill-specific voids
  • Up-to-date on SAP Knowledge
  • Flexible

Please describe your experience with Equal-Plus consultants.

They send competent consultants who can fill very specific needs. Equal-Plus consultants easily fit into our team and have a good relationship with SAP.

How is Equal-Plus different from other consulting companies?

Equal-Plus is not a body shop – they do not simply approach the job as an unrelated task, but look at the work they are doing as it results to the entirety of the project and to the company. They wrap their arms around the project. The executive team and consultants bring a knowledge base that is easily accessible.

What is your relationship with the executive team of Equal-Plus?

The executive team members all have had hands-on experience with SAP and are another set of brains we tap as trusted advisors. Recently, we engaged them to help us in a planning process. They were able to quickly define a reasonable scope, cost and approach to meet our needs, which expedited the time in planning with more relative numbers. They delivered quick, efficient and consistent communications, which added to the relationship.

Can you give specific examples of ways in which Equal-Plus consultants have exceeded your expectations?

  • Created new functionalities to manage contracts against production, which solved a costly issue related to the management of production relative to promotion. As a result, over and under-runs are now controlled.
  • The implementation of fuel surchage resulted in a $200,000 to $300,000 per month positive impact.
  • Better management of customer patterns, deadlines and change requests improved reporting. Good data mining.
  • Process improvement looked at the business issues changing basis from production to sales quotes.

In summary..

Equal-plus brings a lot of value in service, rate, flexibility, skills and the ease of the working relationship as part of our team. They bring added value to the project and are easy to manage and work with. Communications are open with understanding from top to bottom. They really dig in. It’s the total package.